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If you are looking for a financial advisor that understands that your faith comes before your finances. That the decisions that you make financially about tithing, investing, and passing on your wealth to the next generation, should align with the Word of God and biblical principles, then you have the right advisor.

Watch this video that explains my personal philosophy when it comes to serving, and what you can expect when working with us.

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About Me

A.B. Ridgeway is the owner and financial advisor of A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management. With nearly a decade in the financial industry and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, he has created a safe, non-judgmental space for Christians and people of faith to prepare for and live out their retirement.

As a married father of 4, he understands that as a Christian, leaving a legacy and successfully passing it on, is at the top of every Christian's mind.


It says in Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.”

But I believe that tithing, gifting, and leaving an inheritance is more than just money. Gifting includes your time, your talents, and your resources. We create plans that do more than provide the dollars and cents, we help you pass on those values, those beliefs, and the convictions you have around your faith and the Word of God.

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He is also the host of "Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things" A Christian Finance Podcast with over 89 episodes available to download that helps listeners answer important financial and spiritual questions such as:


  • How much should I save for retirement?

  • What is the best way to pay down debt?

  • Will I outlive my money?

  • Is money the root of all evil?

  • What does God say about investing?

When you work with A.B. Ridgeway, we don't just develop a financial plan, but an eternal plan. If you are ready to align your faith with your finances, if you are ready to invest in God and your family with a purpose. Book a free consultation call and fellowship with us. 

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Then you will be well on your way to living the faith based life you have prayed for. 

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We All Need Prayer Sometimes

If you are struggling with a decision, if you are praying for a blessing or just want to show gratitude for one, we want to join you. Enter your information below and we will be sure to pray to God that your request be answered. We are here for you.

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