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Benny Johnson EXPOSES the Truth Behind Candace Owens and the Daily Wire Gag Order

Episode Summary: In this episode, AB Ridgeway discusses the recent controversy surrounding Candace Owens' departure from the Daily Wire, shedding light on the reported gag order imposed by the conservative outlet. Owens' call for a debate with Ben Shapiro seemingly triggered this response, revealing underlying tensions and ideological clashes within the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Gag Order Saga: The revelation of Daily Wire's alleged gag order against Candace Owens exposes the complexities of ideological conflicts within conservative media outlets. This incident underscores the challenges of maintaining freedom of speech and expression within corporate structures.

  2. Religious Disputes: Owens' departure from the Daily Wire appears to stem from more than contractual disputes; religious differences may have played a significant role. Ben Shapiro's reported statement about Owens' faith adds a new dimension to the narrative, highlighting tensions over religious beliefs within the organization.

  3. Media Ethics in Question: The handling of Owens' departure raises questions about media ethics and transparency. The discrepancy between public statements and internal actions at the Daily Wire raises concerns about journalistic integrity and the importance of accountability in media organizations.

  4. The Price of Faith: Owens' steadfast commitment to her Christian faith appears to have been a contributing factor in her dismissal. This raises broader questions about religious freedom and the limits of expression in professional settings, particularly within conservative media circles.

  5. Seeking Truth Amidst Bias: AB Ridgeway emphasizes the importance of seeking truth amidst bias and manipulation in media narratives. As Owens navigates this controversy, Ridgeway encourages listeners to critically evaluate information and form their own opinions based on facts.


  1. "The truth always comes out to the light. Candace, you're doing an excellent job. Just keep it up."

  2. "I am on the side of truth. I just want the truth."

  3. "They want to debate, but yet they want to manipulate her with contracts and legalese to make sure that she doesn't get her voice out."

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