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Candace Owens is issued a GAG order by Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire Over Debate

Episode Summary:

In this episode, AB Ridgeway delves into the controversy surrounding Candace Owens' firing from the Daily Wire and the subsequent gag order imposed on her. He explores the implications of this situation and invites listeners to reflect on the underlying motivations behind such actions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Freedom of Speech vs. Silencing: The case of Candace Owens highlights the tension between advocating for free speech and attempting to silence dissenting voices. The imposition of a gag order raises questions about the sincerity of platforms claiming to support freedom of expression.

  2. Ethics in Media Negotiations: The revelation that the Daily Wire sought a gag order while publicly negotiating a debate with Owens underscores the ethical complexities within media organizations. It prompts reflection on transparency and integrity in journalistic practices.

  3. Faith Amidst Adversity: Owens' decision to embrace Catholicism amidst professional challenges demonstrates her reliance on faith during tumultuous times. Her firm stance on faith over worldly validation serves as a testament to enduring spiritual principles.

  4. Fan Base Loyalty: Despite facing adversity, Owens maintains a strong support base, indicating the resilience of her influence and ideas. The loyalty of her followers underscores the significance of authenticity and conviction in building a dedicated audience.

  5. The Divide Between Good and Evil: Ridgeway prompts listeners to contemplate the broader implications of Owens' situation, framing it as a symbolic battle between good and evil. This narrative invites reflection on moral integrity and the pursuit of truth in contemporary discourse.


  1. "How petty do you have to be to preach freedom of speech and then silence dissenting voices? This situation exposes a glaring hypocrisy."

  2. "Owens' shift to Catholicism amidst adversity speaks volumes about her unwavering faith in God over human validation."

  3. "The controversy surrounding Owens reveals a broader divide between good and evil in contemporary discourse. Where do you stand?"

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