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Dan Celia Passes Away | CEO and President of Financial Issues

Updated: Jun 14

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It saddens us here at Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things to report that on March 30, 2022 Dan Celia unfortunately passed. Not much is known about the cause of death, except that he came down with a serious illness and had spent the last 6 weeks in the hospital fighting for his life.

Before we go into the man Dan Celia was, I think it is important to go over the scripture for the day which is dedicated to him.

Romans 8:18

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

I know you are hurting. But Dan made a very important comment about his life.

He said, “My greatest blessings worth talking about have been: Coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a result of Charles Stanley’s Ministry, My Marriage, Children, Grandchildren, receiving my 2nd Masters Degree in Theology, being Ordained in 2001, and my service in the military from 1971 to 1977. Beyond that, the rest is insignificant.” (

Dan was able to put together tons of content to help the believer and non-believer get closer to the word of God and make sure that they aligned their finances that way as well. In recent years, Dave Ramsey has been getting a little push back about his philosophy of “if you are just willing to live like no one else, you will be able to live like no one else” meaning if you just sacrifice now, you will be able to live a life, no one who didn’t sacrifice could live.

And this focus on self preservation or the living aspect of Christian Finance has caused some believers to shy away from the more secular type of teachings. But Dan Celia in a 2016 interview for Financial Issues, discusses the importance of Giving and Dan explains why being faithful in your tithing and giving is honoring and worshiping our God.

He goes on to speak about the emphasis God put on money, especially in the New Testament because he knew the impact it would have on our society and how we see our faith.

"His mission was simple, to be steadfast in his service to Christ, have love for family, and pride in America. His life mission permeated everything he did – to expose Jesus for all He is, all He can do, and all that He means. Besides his love for Christ, Dan had no greater love than the love he had for his family. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Yvonne, two married daughters, and eight grandchildren." (FISMTV, 2022)

Dan had worked for 35 years as an entrepreneur and businessman, started eight corporations and co-founder of two others. In 1999 Dan sold his Small Trust Company (managing over 900 million dollars) to go into Ministry. Dan had developed and used a biblically-responsible system of financial management with great success. He started a radio ministry in 1997 as a part time ministry and has seen the Lord expand and bless this ministry to his current full-time ministry.

As a Christian investor, what can you do to move forward and continue your pursuit of solid Christian finance information?

I mentioned this in another podcast but I heard recently from a man of God, that he was not anti-leader, but anti-leader worship. So, the first call to action is, don’t be quick to find another quote, unquote, financial guru.

It states in Proverbs 11:14 Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Dan was a counselor. But he wasn’t the only counselor. It is only in the multitude of counselors that the Bible promises us safety.

This is a great opportunity for everyone who is either new to the Christian Finance space, or those who have depended on Dan Celia to vet a lot of material, to look inside of yourself and find out what God has called you to do in your life. Dan Celia was a great resource and his material continues to be a great reference for those who want to learn more. But we all need to have a succession plan. Meaning, how do we plan to move forward and how we are going to set up the next generation to move forward, when the Lord calls us home?

Have you thought about that?

Do you know who are going to be the next stewards?

And are they prepared to carry on your legacy, your values, and your Love of God?

When I was starting my firm years ago, I was excited. I had been in the financial industry for nearly a decade with a large brokerage firm, I managed a book of business of over $50MM, and had the unique opportunity to meet and fellowship with some of the highest political and community influencers southern Louisiana had to offer.

As I was preparing my State registration, my privacy polices, my customer agreements, custodial arrangements, and other logistics, the State asked me about my Succession Plan and it literally made me sit back in my chair.


If anyone is familiar with what that means, it means, the State wants to know what is going to happen to your business if you die?

As a financial advisor, I had done 100s of estate plans. I had sat down with grieving widows and comforted them as we had to discuss, what will happen if something happened to them, God forbid, too soon?

As we thought of all the possible beneficiaries, adding contingent beneficiaries, and appointing Power of Attorneys and Executors. All of these designations were to protect the client and their assets, in case something happened to them.

But now, I was in that seat. I wasn’t asking the tough questions; I was responsible for answering them.

What would happen to my business I died?

It took me 2 days to even start writing and even then, my hand would shake so bad, that I couldn’t type. I had so many thoughts, but nothing was coming out on paper.

Until I realized that I wasn’t just leaving my money or my business. I was responsible for leaving my legacy.

I immediately got down on my knees and asked God for guidance.

What was going to be my legacy? What was I going to base my succession plan on?

Then John 10: 27-28 came into my heart…My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: [28] And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

I did what I am recommending you to do. I sought many counselors because I wanted my plans to be established. I could be the one to help God’s children hear his voice. This was my opportunity to leave a legacy stronger than just strong financial acumen. So I dedicated my firm to leading believers and non-believers to God. I wanted to spread the gospel through finances.

That is what I was leaving!

A legacy of Christian content that generations can enjoy for years.

That was my succession plan!

And deep down, I feel that was Dan Celia’s succession plan too.

As a member of the Christian Finance community, it is important that you carry on the legacy of giving and seeking God for guidance with your Finances. Making sure that the work of Dan Celia was not done in vain.

We send our deepest condolences to the family and his surviving spouse, that God gives her strength.

I’ll leave you today with the words of Dan Celia,

[As Christian investors] Our goal is that we might all stand firmly in His obedience as we praise and give Him glory for all that we have and all the work He allows us to do.

I hope that you have been blessed and may Dan Celia Rest in Peace.

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