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Dave Ramsey Caller Asks If He Should LEAVE His Girlfriend After Getting Rich?

A.B. Ridgeway explaining a question heard on the Dave Ramsey Show

Episode Summary: You're just coming off of divorce you're rebuilding your life. You find somebody that you love and you care about, you build a relationship for seven years, your business takes off to gain $1.5 million, and you are thinking of ending it. On the Dave Ramsey show, a caller is wondering if the financial success is becoming a barrier to commitment in his relationship. Through insightful analysis and personal anecdotes, Ridgeway navigates the complexities of trust, financial independence, and the desire for growth within a partnership.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Navigating Trust and Autonomy: Ridgeway highlights the caller's struggle with trust and autonomy within his relationship. Despite building a life together, the caller's language reflects a strong sense of individual achievement rather than shared partnership.

  2. Financial Success vs. Emotional Commitment: The episode explores the tension between financial success and emotional commitment. The caller's fear of loss and past trauma drive his reluctance to marry, showcasing the intricate interplay between wealth and personal relationships.

  3. Learning from Past Experiences: Ridgeway emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences, acknowledging that divorce can leave lasting scars. The caller's hesitation stems from a desire to protect himself from potential harm, demonstrating the need for healing and growth before entering a new commitment.

  4. Balancing Personal Goals and Relationship Dynamics: The discussion prompts reflection on balancing personal goals with relationship dynamics. Ridgeway challenges listeners to consider whether the caller's reluctance to marry stems from a genuine desire for personal growth or a fear of vulnerability.

  5. Seeking Spiritual Guidance: Ultimately, Ridgeway encourages listeners to seek spiritual guidance in navigating complex relationship decisions. By focusing on faith and aligning personal values with God's teachings, individuals can find clarity and direction in their journey towards love and commitment.


  1. "If you listen very, very closely, you start to notice the pronoun use... That doesn't sound like someone who is in a relationship."

  2. "Going through the courts is actually the proper way to do it. If you are in the right, no one who's being convicted or who's a defendant wants to go to court."

  3. "Regardless of how you feel, divorce is a traumatic event... He's saying, listen, I don't necessarily want to get back into a marriage and then stunt my growth."

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