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Overcoming Lust: A Christian Approach to Desires and Wealth

Show Notes:

Join A.B. Ridgeway, MBA, CPWA®️, your friendly neighborhood Christian financial advisor, as he delves into thought-provoking discussions about finances, faith, and life. In this episode, A.B. challenges the conventional understanding of lust, taking it beyond the realm of sexual desire to explore its implications on our pursuit of wealth and success. Drawing from biblical teachings, A.B. offers insights into the dangers of covetousness and the importance of aligning our desires with God's will. Tune in for a refreshing perspective on financial stewardship and spiritual growth.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, A.B. Ridgeway dives deep into the concept of lust, examining it beyond its sexual connotations. Drawing inspiration from 1 Timothy 6:10, A.B. explores the roots of evil as the love of money, emphasizing the dangers of extreme greed and covetousness. He challenges listeners to reflect on their desires for success, wealth, and material possessions, urging them to align their aspirations with God's will. Through biblical teachings and personal anecdotes, A.B. highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between ambition and spiritual fulfillment, emphasizing the need for righteous intentions in pursuing wealth and success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Redefining Lust: A.B. challenges the conventional understanding of lust, expanding its definition to encompass desires beyond sexual temptation.

  2. The Danger of Covetousness: Through biblical teachings, A.B. highlights the pitfalls of extreme greed and covetousness, emphasizing the importance of aligning desires with God's will.

  3. Seeking Righteousness: A.B. encourages listeners to examine their motivations for pursuing wealth and success, urging them to prioritize spiritual fulfillment over material gain.


  1. Christian finance

  2. Wealth stewardship

  3. Biblical perspective

  4. Financial planning

  5. Spiritual growth

  6. Covetousness

  7. Greed

  8. Faith-based retirement planning

  9. Financial balance

  10. God's will


  1. "Can we lust after job positions? Can we have a strong desire to be successful in our businesses? Can we have a longing with great desire to have certain objects and situations occur in our lives?"

  2. "God is a merciful God. He wants you to turn back, but he doesn't want your greed to make you make decisions that will harm you."

  3. "If we create the sorrow and we take accountability for our actions, that means we have the ability to turn back to God and correct our mistakes."

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About Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things Podcast:

As Christians, we were taught to be good stewards over our tithing and giving to the less fortunate. But when it came to our personal finances and investing we were left clueless on what the Bible says. What does the Bible say about managing debt, leaving a legacy, investing, and planning for your retirement? Mr. Christian Finance answers these and many other questions because we want to teach you how to become rich and righteous!

Meet A.B. Ridgeway:

A.B. Ridgeway with his hands up

A.B. Ridgeway, MBA ( is the owner and Christian Financial Advisor with A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management. With a decade in the finance industry, his goal is to give believers clarity around the most confusing topic in the Bible, money, and tithing. A.B. Ridgeway helps tithing Christians become cheerful givers but unlocking their money-making potential, so they can prosper and be the great stewards of the wealth God has entrusted them with.

*Disclaimer: This communication is not intended as an offer or solicitation to buy, hold or sell any financial instrument or investment advisory services. Any information provided has been obtained from sources considered reliable, but we do not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of any description of securities, markets or developments mentioned. This is strictly for information purposes. We recommend you speak with a professional financial advisor.

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