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The Truth About Tipping Culture in America

Episode Summary: In this episode of Financial Advisors Save the Darndest Things, host A.B. Ridgeway delves into the contentious issue of tipping culture in America. Drawing inspiration from Candace Owens' and others' perspectives, A.B. challenges the societal norms surrounding tipping and examines its implications through a Christian lens.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:00:00 - 00:02:26):

  • A.B. introduces the topic of tipping culture, highlighting the widespread practice of tipping in America and its impact on both consumers and service industry workers.

  • Reflects on personal experiences and societal perceptions regarding tipping. Tipping: A Self-Imposed Tax? (00:02:26 - 00:04:55):

  • Candace Owens' perspective on tipping as a self-imposed tax is discussed.

  • A.B. reflects on how tipping has become a societal expectation rather than a gesture of appreciation for exceptional service.

  • Raises questions about the fairness and sustainability of tipping culture, particularly in light of low wages for service industry workers. Challenges and Inconsistencies (00:04:55 - 00:07:36):

  • A.B. examines the inconsistencies and challenges within tipping culture, including unexpected places where tipping is expected.

  • Discusses the pressure felt by consumers to tip, even in situations where it may not be warranted. The Employer's Responsibility (00:07:36 - 00:09:37):

  • Explores the role of employers in tipping culture and the ethical implications of relying on customers to supplement employees' wages.

  • Raises the question of whether businesses should prioritize fair wages for employees over relying on tips. Christian Perspective on Tipping (00:09:37 - 00:09:51):

  • A.B. encourages listeners to consider tipping from a Christian perspective, emphasizing principles of fairness, generosity, and stewardship.

  • Encourages reflection on how tipping aligns with Christian values of justice and compassion.

Conclusion: A.B. concludes by urging listeners to critically evaluate tipping culture and its impact on society through the lens of Christian principles. Encourages thoughtful consideration and dialogue on the topic.


  1. "Should I really pay 50 percent more to have great service?" - A.B. Ridgeway

  2. "Oh, OK. We're expecting you to pay thousands of dollars for your wedding dress. And here's an additional fee for simply trying it on, having us do our jobs and assist you while you're trying on a wedding dress." -Candace Owens

  3. "If you're going to tip or like to tip, make sure you allocate funds to that side of it or at the end of the month, you'll be wondering, where did all my money go?" - A.B. Ridgeway


  1. Tipping culture

  2. American tipping norms

  3. Restaurant fees

  4. Health surcharge

  5. Service gratuity

  6. Customer tipping fatigue

  7. Mandatory tipping

  8. Tipping etiquette

  9. Candace Owens on tipping

  10. Dave Ramsey tipping advice

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