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During this webinar, we will be discussing a topic that a majority of rarely have with their spouse…what are your Wealth Languages?


This webinar will be my opinion, interpretation, perspective, and my key takeaways. We will give you, the listener, a base on which to talk to your spouse and children about how you manage the blessings that God has put into your life.


We will discuss how to open the lines of communication with your heirs, discussing your wealth language with your spouse, and how to use discernment when expressing yourself.


We will teach you how to stop letting money come between you and the people you love.


  • Learn the 4 Wealth Languages
  • Learn how to communicate your desires with the people you love
  • Learn the biggest risk to you losing your net worth and years of hard work


From newlyweds to those celebrating 20+ years, if you have communication issues around money, this webinar is for you.

Wealth Languages On-Demand Webinar

$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price
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