The next step is to watch the video below to learn more about how we leverage faith-based principles to provide biblically responsible investment advice. So, during your appointment, we can spend less time talking about our firm and more time talking about how we can serve you. 
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And as you wait for your appointment, we encourage our clients to spend some time with God to pray for financial discernment.

A Day Away With God

Our Spiritual Guide To Making Biblical Decisions About Your Finances

Before you meet with your financial advisor, we would like you to consider doing this exercise. Find a peaceful environment, and rest in the presence of God. You may blend some active work with time for reflection, praying, and thinking. While you should discern the items to include in your day, enter your information below and receive a starter list of ideas to draw from as you pray for guidance.


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Alajahwon Ridgeway

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"Helping you make biblically responsible financial decisions that will make God proud."                                                       -A.B. Ridgeway


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"Where Your Faith and Your Finances, Don't Have To Be Separate"

At A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management, we know you want to live a righteous and empowered financial life. You have worked hard and accumulated your wealth, but the problem is that managing market fluctuations, taxes, investment management, retirement and estate planning makes you feel powerless and overwhelmed. We believe in providing our clients biblically responsible advice, so they can become good stewards over what God has provided for their sustenance. As a faith-based investment firm with nearly a decade of experience, we believe faith and finances shouldn't be separate. Our mission is to help investors feel empowered to make smart, God-centered, and biblically confirmed decisions that align with the Word of God, so they can live the life God has ordained for them. So, schedule your consultation, receive your customized plan, and start living the faith based life you deserve.

A.B. Ridgeway's 12 Week Planning Process