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Christian Financial Advisor 
Owner of A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management

With nearly a decade of experience in the finance industry, A.B. Ridgeway's mission is to teach investors that you can be rich and righteous. A.B. Ridgeway has gone from selling charity items outside of a K-Mart in Mexico , without knowing any Spanish, to owning his own investment firm for people of faith. Churches teach us lessons from the Bible on how to tithe and give to the less fortunate. A. B. Ridgeway shows you how to build generational wealth, get out of debt, and find financial freedom from that same Bible.

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About A.B. Ridgeway

A.B. Ridgeway is the owner and financial advisor of A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management. With nearly a decade in the financial industry and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, he has created a safe, non-judgmental space for Christians and people of faith to prepare for and live out their retirement.

Continuously aligning the client's financial goals with the Word of God. When things get rough, as they sometimes do, he leans on scripture such as: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7) and "When I am afraid, I put my

you leave for someone, it is something that you leave in, someone. Remember, what the next generation receives in guidance, is just as important as what they receive in inheritance. Let us help you fulfill your God given purpose and pass on the things God has ordained as righteous and pure.


trust in you” (Psalm 56:3). He uses the Bible as a guide to help his clients down the path of riches and righteousness. He is also married with four children and believes in leaving a financial legacy to the next generation. He encourages his clients to think about their legacy and how they will steward the wealth God has entrusted to them, when creating their financial plans. As it says in Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.”

As host of Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things: A Christian Finance Podcast, A.B. Ridgeway helps listeners answer important financial and spiritual questions such as: How much should I save for retirement? What is the best way to pay down debt? What's the difference between a 401(k), an IRA, and a Pension? all from a biblical perspective.

You have worked nearly your whole life to build a financial legacy that will sustain you and your family for generations to come. We want to help you pass on more than your wealth. We want to help you pass on your knowledge and instruction to those you love. Because a

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