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Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things:

A Christian Finance Podcast

Our podcast is dedicated to helping tithing Christians become cheerful givers by providing financial tips to help them create a gifting strategy that will make God proud. This podcast provides commentary on current Christian financial topics from a biblical perspective, with special guests, so you can fellowship in the spirit and master your finances in one listen.

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Faith and Finance Blog

Your Christian faith and your Christian finances shouldn't have to be separate. The values we use to manage our lives should be the same values we manage our finances. Every Tuesday and Thursday we post devotionals that help you do just that. We provide Christian financial concepts from a biblical perspective. So you can fellowship with God and manage your finances all in one read.

Need Help Understanding Your Finances?

Christian retirement advice

A powerful quick reference guide with OVER 20 questions to help you align your investments with your financial goals

Christian investment strategies

Helps  you navigate crucial financial topics such as: investment objectives, tax issues, and potential investment issues


Need a second opinion? This is the guide you need to help you ask the RIGHT questions when reviewing your investments.

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