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"Where Tithing Christians Come For Investment Advice"

Tithing Christians Aren't Afraid of Outliving Their Money

No one wants to outlive the money that hey are saving for retirement.


Many investors want to know how they can live a great life without sacrificing their retirement years. But they have a lot of questions.


  • How much should I be giving and can I give more?

  • How can I invest in a way that aligns with the Word of God?

  • Where can I give to make the biggest impact in God's Kingdom?


We go through a 12 week process to design your vision of giving that aligns with your finances.  

Not only do we prepare you for your financial life, we prepare you for your eternal life. Our financial process is rooted in biblical principles, so you feel comfortable making financial decisions that are also aligned with the Word of God.

When you work with us you will be able to answer the top 4 questions every investor should be able to answer:

  • Who owns it?

  • How much is enough?

  • Who are the next stewards?

  • And are they prepared?

So you can enjoy retirement in peace.

And if you still need to talk about your options, you can book a free call below. And leave your wallet at home because there will be nothing to buy. It will be a no obligation call, where we fellowship and learn more about each other.


Schedule your consultation today and get started.

Investment Management
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2 Corinthians 9:7- 
Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

We May Be A Good Fit For You If You:

  • Have a strong faith in God

  • Have a strong belief in tithing.

  • Are looking for a gifting strategy

  • Need help passing on their assets to the next generation

  • Take pleasure in helping others through an organization (church, charity, volunteering, etc.)

  • Enjoy pursuing personal interests and spending time with family and friends

  • Have no desire to manage their investment savings themselves

  • Understand the benefits of receiving outside help, and willing to pay for professional advice

  • Want more time to spend doing the things they truly enjoy doing

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Proverbs 21:5 
The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.

Life Stages of a Christian Investor We Serve

  • Retirees interested in maintaining a high quality of life during retirement and planning for their family legacy

  • Individuals and couples who are going through periods of transition including retirement, loss of a spouse, career change, divorce or inheritance

  • Philanthropist who needs help developing a charitable gifting strategy to complement their investment strategy 

  • Young families that are interested in laying the foundation for their financial future with sound financial decisions

Giving Should Be Built Into Every Christian Financial Plan

New to Christian Finance?
Download this FREE guide to Learn More

A little known warning from Jesus about the dangers of not investing and how to protect your retirement.

Proven strategies on what to consider when preparing to transfer your wealth to the next generation.

PLUS 4 bonus articles on how to reduce financial stress, manage debt, and tips on how to choose a trusted advisor.

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Financial Planning Software

These are our gifts that we use to serve you, so we may continue to be good stewards of God's varied grace. We may use some or all of these categories to build your financial plan, so you have a holistic view of your financial situation.

God warns us about going through life without a plan. Therefore, we help you build a strong foundation of both financial and biblical principles

Luke 14:28 -For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.

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Service Plans
FASTDT (4).png

Great For Clients Who Are Interested In:

  • Consolidating their finances into one comprehensive plan

  • Short term engagement, typically 3-4 month from start to finish

  • Funding a future goal such as a home purchase or child's college education

  • Reorganizing their financial life after a major life event

FASTDT (3).png

Great For Clients Who Are Interested In:

  • Planning for their retirement in 5-10 years

  • Hiring an advisor for 5+ years

  • Reducing the risk of running out of money in retirement when you no longer have a paycheck

  • Professional management of their career and retirement assets.

FASTDT (2).png

Great For Clients Who Are Interested In:

  • Transferring wealth to the next generation

  • Hiring a family advisor for 10+ years to also work with children and other beneficiaries.

  • Protecting their assets from unnecessary penalties and taxation

  • Planning for health care cost and distribution strategies

*   Investment fees are tiered and are determined by total assets under management. 

**  A.U.M.- Assets Under Management- is the total market value of the investments that our firm will handle on the behalf of the investor.

We have a simple12-week onboarding planning process to make sure we have all the information necessary to make sure your plans aligns with the Word of God.

Check out these cool features you have access to, so you can declutter your personal finances, and create a gifting plan so you can live your retirement in peace.

We take the guess work out of which account to open up. We help you identify what you have and what you may need to consider in the future.

Brokerage Account

Individual/Joint taxable account

​Flexible investment options that allows you to add and withdraw funds whenever you wish.

Consider this if:

  • You want to supplement your retirement contributions

  • You need to fund a future expense.

  • Looking to balance our your retirement portfolio at your employer

Traditional IRA

Retirement Account

Contribute funds that may be tax-deductible and plan to pay taxes on your withdrawals in retirement.


Consider this if:


  • You think your tax rate will be lower once you reach retirement.

  • You have maxed out your 401k/403b retirement accounts.

  • You are no longer with your employer and need to another tax-deferred account to roll it into.

Roth IRA

Retirement Account

If eligible, contribute after-tax dollars, and potentially get tax-fee distributions later.


Consider this if:

  • Your tax rate with be the same or higher in retirement

  • You are willing to postpone current year deductions for potential tax free withdrawals

  • You want to perform an IRA, Roth conversion

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