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Central Church Pastor in Charlotte Calls Trump Bible Blasphemous

(00:00) Former President Donald Trump began selling a Bible with the nation's founding documents

(07:40) Ab Ridgway: There's hypocrisy when you talk about church and state

In a world where the lines between church and state blur, the sale of 'God Bless the USA Bibles' by a former president has ignited a fiery conversation about faith, patriotism, and the essence of the American gospel. Our latest podcast episode dives deep into this contentious issue, unraveling the layers of religious sentiment, political maneuvering, and public outcry that have enveloped the nation.

The episode begins with a startling premise: a former president capitalizing on his platform to sell Bibles amid rising legal bills. This isn't just any Bible; it's one that intertwines the sacred text with the nation's founding documents, a concept that has some heralding it as a patriotic masterpiece and others condemning it as an act of blasphemy.

As the host, Ab Ridgway, takes us through the unfolding drama, we hear the impassioned sermon of Reverend Lorne Livingston, who vehemently opposes the commodification of the holy scriptures. His words echo through the episode, challenging listeners to consider the sanctity of the Bible and the implications of merging it with political ideology.

But the episode isn't just a critique; it's a nuanced exploration of Christian nationalism, the power of the gospel, and the role of religious texts in a capitalist society. Ab Ridgway deftly navigates these complex themes, offering insights into why some may find solace in a Bible that reflects their national identity and others may see it as a dangerous conflation of divine and civic duties.

Listeners are invited to ponder the significance of Romans 13:1, which calls for submission to governing authorities, and to question the hypocrisy that may arise when churches engage with political leaders. The discussion extends beyond the pulpit and into the heart of American culture, where the freedom of religion and the right to express one's faith are held dear.

This episode isn't just for the devout or the politically inclined; it's for anyone intrigued by the intersection of faith and public life. Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or simply a curious soul, you'll find yourself captivated by the fervent debate and the questions it raises about our values and the world we live in.

Tune in to our latest podcast episode for an enlightening journey through the eye of a storm that is as much about the soul of a nation as it is about the spirit of its people. Don't just listen—join the conversation and let your voice be heard in the comments section. It's time to reflect on what it means to be an American and a person of faith in the modern world.

In this episode, host AB Ridgeway explores the controversial issue of former President Donald Trump selling "God Bless the USA Bibles" for $59.99 amid mounting legal bills. Ridgeway discusses the reactions from both supporters and critics, including the denouncement of the Bible by Reverend Lauren Livingston as blasphemous and disgusting. The episode delves into the intersection of faith, patriotism, and politics, questioning whether combining the Constitution with the Bible is appropriate or sacrilegious.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Intersection of Faith and Patriotism: The episode prompts reflection on the blending of religious faith with patriotic fervor, raising questions about the appropriateness of combining the Constitution with the Bible.

  2. Criticism of Trump's Bible: Reverend Lauren Livingston's denouncement of the "God Bless the USA Bible" as blasphemous highlights the division within religious communities regarding the commercialization of faith.

  3. Christian Nationalism: The discussion touches on the concept of Christian nationalism and its potential implications, emphasizing the need for a nuanced understanding of the relationship between religion and governance.

  4. Separation of Church and State: Ridgeway explores the challenges posed by the intertwining of religion and politics, calling attention to the importance of maintaining a clear separation between church and state.

  5. Freedom of Expression: The episode encourages listeners to engage in dialogue and express their opinions on the contentious issue, acknowledging the complexities involved in navigating issues of faith, politics, and commerce.


  1. "The gospel is not an American gospel; it is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Reverend Lauren Livingston

  2. "If you glory in that kind of mess, political mess, you do not know what the word of God says." - Ab Ridgeway

  3. "Your faith is your faith; it supersedes everything, but also, gotta love your country, gotta love the Constitution." - Ab Ridgeway

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