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Christian Kids and Money Matters

Updated: 23 hours ago

Scripture: Psalms 22:3- He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake

Devotion: What are you teaching your kids about money and how it relates to the word of God?

When we teach our kids about morality, truth, respect, and a love for God we tend to reference our favorite scriptures on this subject.

But when it comes to money management, what scriptures are we referencing?

What life lessons are we giving our children to guide them on the right path. This scripture speaks on God leading us to do the right thing for his name sake...isn’t this the reason we want to guide our children down the right paths?

In all my years as a financial advisor, I have heard some great financial advice.

How to calculate Beta, setting up a proper asset allocation, setting short term and long term time horizon, etc. But the most practical and simplistic advice came from my mother. A woman who labored hard for the United States Postal Service and is now enjoying a retirement where she can do anything she wishes.

And what was her secret to success?

I’ll tell you on the next episode of "A Few Minute With God" a daily devotional where we help you fellowship with God and Master your finances all in one listen…

Just kidding…just kidding.

I’m still here.

So what did she say? “Don’t spend the money you have, until you get some more?”

You catch that?

Don’t spend the money you have, until you get some more.

What that forces you to do is to preserve what you have and manage it, until you secure a future cash flow. Where a majority of people fall into debt is where they SPEND their current holdings in an anticipation of future cash flows that may or may not come.

Even if they did, you are simply filling in a gap that you have already created for yourself, so you never feel like you are growing.

This philosophy drives a majority of my financial decisions that investors make.

Believe it or not, this philosophy is actually the basis of loan generation. Many lenders want to know that you have assets before they will lend you money.

That is to say, if you mismanage the money you have, the loan officer will not give you any more.

Today, I want you to think of the life lessons you are going to teach your children about money. Also, think about the life lessons your parents taught you.

Did they teach you the right things to do, or did they warn you of the dangers that they may have fell victim to?

The first step in any case, is to seek the word of God. There are many scriptures about the proper use of money that you can guide your children to righteousness. And if all else fails, you can continue to tune into the show as we continue to bring you practical financial advice that can help your family prosper in the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, allow me to be an asset to my children. Giving them a proper start in this life by giving them financial lessons that will help bring joy and prosperity in their life because you give a spirit of abundance and hope, and not of scarcity and fear.


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