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Condoleezza Rice shuts down RACE BAITS from Whoopi Goldberg and 'The View'

Updated: Jun 12

In this captivating segment, Condoleezza Rice, renowned diplomat and former Secretary of State, dismantles prevailing viewpoints with eloquence and insight. Her measured responses to pressing issues such as the events of January 6th and the complexities of race relations offer a refreshing perspective grounded in intelligence and experience.

Rice's remarks underscore the importance of moving forward while acknowledging the need for accountability and understanding. She emphasizes the significance of parental involvement in education and advocates for a constructive dialogue on race that empowers all individuals.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on the topics discussed. How do you perceive the role of parents in education? What are your reflections on the current discourse surrounding race relations? Your participation enriches the dialogue and fosters a deeper understanding of these crucial issues.

As AB Ridgeway aptly summarizes, progress is indeed underway, and it's vital to engage thoughtfully as we navigate toward a more inclusive and equitable future.

Don't miss out on this thought-provoking discussion. Watch now and join the conversation. Remember, progress begins with dialogue, understanding, and action. Until next time, this is AB Ridgeway, guiding you to the other side of your blessing.

Here are the key takeaways from her remarks:

  1. Accountability and Moving Forward: Rice unequivocally condemns the events of January 6th, emphasizing the importance of law enforcement determining accountability for those who violated the law. She underscores the necessity of acknowledging past events while also focusing on addressing present challenges and future generations' needs.

  2. Parental Involvement in Education: The former Secretary of State advocates for increased parental engagement in children's education. Rice highlights the formative role of parents during children's school years and encourages active participation in shaping educational experiences.

  3. Constructive Dialogue on Race: Rice offers a nuanced perspective on race relations, emphasizing the importance of empowerment without instilling guilt or disempowerment based on race. She calls for a balanced approach to teaching history, acknowledging both its positive and negative aspects while ensuring children are not made to feel culpable for historical injustices.

  4. Rejecting Hyperbole on Race Relations: Rice challenges exaggerated narratives about the current state of race relations, pointing out that progress has been made despite lingering systemic issues. She urges against perpetuating divisive rhetoric and emphasizes the need for constructive dialogue and understanding.

  5. Embracing Progress: Despite acknowledging the persistent challenges stemming from historical injustices like slavery, Rice celebrates the progress made in race relations. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and acknowledging this progress while remaining committed to further improvement.

Memorable Quotes:

  1. "I said at the time January 6th was wrong. I called it an assault on law and order and an assault under democratic processes. So full stop it was wrong."

  2. "Yes it happened. We have to move forward. But moving forward doesn't mean forgetting. But how we move forward is most important."

  3. "Progress is being made. For us to deny that is the same as it was 50 years ago. 100 years ago is denying all the pain, emotional, physical, and spiritual."

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