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Credit Card Debt is Stopping You From Your Blessings? How To Get Control Back

Updated: Jun 15

Episode Summary:

In this episode of "Financial Advisor Says the Darndest Things," A.B. Ridgeway delves into the concerning trend of rising credit card spending, as reported by Yahoo! Finance. Despite initial declines during the pandemic, credit card debt is now on the rise again, indicating a return to pre-pandemic spending habits. A.B. discusses the psychological and financial implications of this trend, emphasizing the importance of financial responsibility and mindful spending from a biblical perspective.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Credit card debt represents spending tomorrow's dollars today, leading to financial stress and anxiety.

  2. The pandemic temporarily curbed spending habits, but as restrictions ease, old habits are resurfacing.

  3. Effective debt management requires setting realistic goals and adhering to disciplined spending.

  4. Sharing money-saving tips with friends can foster a culture of financial responsibility and mutual support.

  5. Embracing contentment and prioritizing needs over wants are crucial steps towards financial freedom and peace of mind.


  1. "When you use credit cards, you tend to pay $20 for something that costs $10."

  2. "Nobody will change until the pain of not changing is greater than the change itself."

  3. "Allow God to work on your financial life as He sees fit during the ups and the downs."


  • Credit card debt

  • Financial responsibility

  • Pandemic spending

  • Debt management

  • Contentment

  • Budgeting

  • Financial discipline

  • Mutual support

  • Financial freedom

  • God's will

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Dear God,

Grant us wisdom and strength to manage our finances responsibly. Help us resist the temptation of excessive spending and guide us towards contentment and financial freedom. Bless us with supportive communities that encourage mindful stewardship and mutual support. May we honor You with our financial decisions and trust in Your provision during both abundance and scarcity. Amen.

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Meet A.B. Ridgeway:

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A.B. Ridgeway, MBA, CPWA®️ ( is the owner and Christian Financial Advisor with A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management. With a decade in the finance industry, his goal is to give believers clarity around the most confusing topic in the Bible, money, and tithing. A.B. Ridgeway helps tithing Christians become cheerful givers but unlocking their money-making potential, so they can prosper and be the great stewards of the wealth God has entrusted them with.

*Disclaimer: This communication is not intended as an offer or solicitation to buy, hold or sell any financial instrument or investment advisory services. Any information provided has been obtained from sources considered reliable, but we do not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of any description of securities, markets or developments mentioned. This is strictly for information purposes. We recommend you speak with a professional financial advisor.

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