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Is it a good time to get out of the market?

Many investors have their heads in their hands and they are crying right now. This year has been one for the history books. It has been a struggle to navigate the market trying to find profits, as even the bond market is not safe to run to. I know it is nearly Halloween but no one thought they would see so much red during this time of year. The markets are rough and they are volatile but investors with an advisor and are sticking to investment fundamentals will win in the end says Vanguard research and can potentially see a net 3% profit compared to their non-advised investor friends. Why? Click below to learn more

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Mon, Oct 03, 2022 1:38PM • 15:51


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Alajahwon Ridgeway

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We focus on strategy and discipline. Because we cannot control the markets, we can only control our participation in them. We focus on your required number and not your desired number. I would love to make 500% in one day that is a desire. But how much risk would I have to take to get that amount is the question I need to ask myself.

As Christians, we were taught to be good stewards over our tithing and giving to the less fortunate. But when it came to our own personal finances and investments, we are clueless and what the Bible says, What does the Bible say about managing debt? leaving a legacy, investing, or even planning for retirement? We answer these and many other questions because we want to teach you how to be rich and righteous. This is your first time to the show you want to say welcome, but you're coming back for another spiritual refill. Welcome back. I am Amy Ridgeway. And this is financial advisors say the darndest thing.

Hello, my name is A.B. Ridgeway. I'm the owner of AB Ridgeway wealth management and today's financial thought is, is it time to get out of the market. If you're subscribed to our newsletter, then you should have received this and your email earlier today. If you're not signed up, be sure to use the link in the comments to join so you can receive more biblically responsible financial information and take the first steps to becoming rich and righteous. Well, today's scripture comes from Revelation chapter seven, verse nine through 10. After this I looked, and behold a great multitude that no one could number from every nation, from all tribes and people in languages standing before the throne, they before the Lamb, clothe and right clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands and crying out with a loud voice. Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb.

Now, many investors have their heads in their hands, and they are crying right now. This year has been one for the history books, it has been a struggle to navigate the markets trying to find profits as even the bond market is not safe to run to. I know it is nearly Halloween but no one thought they would see so much red during this time of year. The markets are rough, and they are volatile. But investors with an advisor and who are sticking to investment fundamentals will win in the end says Vanguards researching can potentially see a net 3% profit compared to their non advised investor friends.

Now, why is this because when it comes to knowledge about the markets, strategies and positioning advisors, we do this every day. This is not something that we we do on our lunch break. This is not something that we do in between playing games or in between, you know, errands that we run, this is something that we do day in and day out Monday through Sunday. Now, think about it this way, every time that you turn on the news, they're talking about the tragedy, which is the economy, yet investors with advisors have already positioned their portfolios and have now switched their stance from this growth strategy to more of a protective strategy.

Now, now, for many investors, that fear of losing everything has gone down because they have now been through a pandemic. They've been through the funding of wars. They've had the tugs of the economy with this shortened supply chain and interest rates hikes by the Federal Reserve and a majority are assets or steel there, they literally have faced their fears of what happens when you invest because the TV will make it seem as if if you invest in things get bad, that you're going to lose everything. And many investors are finding now due to the guidance of their advisor.

That just because the markets are down, doesn't mean you are out. Now unfortunately, I cannot say that about investors without advisors. See, according to an article back in August by market insider, they reported that Robin Hood, you know, the online trading platform, the one everybody ran to buy their cryptocurrency, the one everyone ran to, to buy shares of stocks and fractional stocks and things of that nature trying to get into the market while the market was good. It stays that Robin Hood's monthly active users plunged 34% to 14 million over the past year. Retail Investors have stopped trading stocks on the platform as stocks and cryptocurrencies has plummeted.

The Trading App now plans to cut 23% of his staff Ah, Chief Executive of flat teen you sent. Now, think about that for a minute. Over 1/3 of those who were actively trading are gone? And what effect does it have? Now we're finding out that people no longer having the jobs, almost a quarter of the staff are being replaced or being let go for that matter now even replaced, why we got a majority of people getting into a market without the proper mindset. And that's what this newsletter does it transforms your mindset to focus on the long term and not the short term. Now, who profits off of these people buying these assets and getting out? You? Yes, you those who are invested, they get to take advantage of the low prices, because there's two things that drive the market is perception and fundamentals, fundamentals, meaning the job market, how many people are unemployed or employed, you know, the GDP, things of that nature that may affect the market one way or another? Perception also does that? Or have you ever listened to the news and had those projections of earnings? Walmart projects to have X amount of billions, right? And then if it falls below the stock falls? Well, it's not because Walmart's fundamentals change.

They're still doing business, but their projection and what the market thought they were going to do. They tried to trade ahead in the market simply correct in itself. So what's happening is that many investors are now out of the market. They're not buying stocks at a discounted rate. They're losing the money that they put in, if they sold their assets out of fear, right? Oh, I'm losing so much money, I was getting my money back, this is rip off. And now they're ready to tell everyone that investing is a scam. Now we have memes about prosperity and how much money people were making. And now we are seeing the opposite. We're seeing people saying how investing is evil. We're seeing memes about how people got ripped off or scammed out of, you know their money and how you know, they should be doing something more secure, like savings account, we see it. Right. But that is somebody who was scorned, that is somebody who went in with this mentality that was not positioned for the stock market in general.

So we see somebody who went in with a mentality of greed, and making a quick dollar scorn and they're hurt. And now they have their tail between their legs. Now, if this is you, you know, don't feel bad, I don't want you to think that this is the end of your journey. Because everybody has gone through these situations. At some point, this just may be your time. But what I'm here to tell you is that you can change you do not have to stay the same, you do not have to fear the market, which has made so many people money. So it is sad, right? That many on social medias, you know, they promote this quick and easy money, but they fail to let them know of the risk associated with buy individual stocks that promise these 102 100% returns in such a short period. Why do you think I don't worry? When somebody comes to me and says,

Hey, AB, I have an advisor down the street and my friend goes there and he's making 20 30% a year. Okay. If that is what you want, then you can go there. But the thing is, is great when the markets are up and you're making 20 30%. But it's not great when the markets are down and you're down 5060 70% If that is the risk you're willing to take that is one I am not willing to take it says in Proverbs, Chapter 13, verse 11, wealth gained hastily will dwindle. But whoever gathers little by little will increase. Now if that's not up fulfill prophecy, I don't know what it is. That is why our firm is different than other firms. We do not promise ridiculously high growth numbers. We focus on strategy and discipline. Because we cannot control the markets, we can only control our participation in them. We focus on your required number and not your desired number. I would love to make 500% in one day, that is a desire. ®️But how much risk would I have to take to get that amount is the question I need to ask myself. You know, at those levels of risk in a down market, those choices are up there with gambling I'm sorry. Typically I do not associate gambling with investing. But when you're talking about trying to get 3040 60% return and in a low interest rate environment. It just boggles my mind that people don't eat equate that to a high level of risk. And be honest. And to be honest with you, my clients don't like to gamble with their life savings, point blank period, they trust me to make sure that the assets that they invest with me are going to be there when they're ready to take them out. Now, we're not talking about a lump sum, nobody comes to me and says, Hey, Elijah, when you take everything out, I'm finally retired, let's put this in a savings account. It doesn't happen that way. What they mean is that when they retire, and they needed an extra 2000, or $3,000, to give to a grandchild, or maybe pay for graduation, or a downpayment, on college education, or whatever it may be, that those funds that they sacrificed over their time period are there available for them, okay, they don't want to outlive their money, they want to make sure that when they go reach for it, it is there. And not only just there, but more than what they put in or more that they should have, based on the risk that they took by putting it in there in the first place. Do you understand that you have profits based on the amount that you put in and the risk that you take, you do not get paid for the risk you do not take. So if you're expecting to put money in a savings account, which is nearly zero risk, you are going to get nearly zero return. And that is the difference here. So when you're focused on Well, FDIC is protected, and you know, my money is safe in the CD, that's fine. It can safely lose money right there. Because inflation we've known year over year has been around 9%. So that $100,000 that you were able to buy $100,000 worth of stuff. Well, within one year's time, you can only buy about $91,000 worth of stock, your purchasing power goes down. Yes, you have 100,000, but you can't buy as much. I make the joke all the time. Yes, Dollar Tree went up to $1.25. So if you put $1 in your account, and says this dollar safe, and you didn't grow year over year, guess what you cannot buy what's at Dollar Tree more, because the dollar 25 You buy, you can buy less than what you did. Now, my investors, they understand that there is a time for offense, and there is a time for defense.

But right now is the time for D fence. I wish I had one of those letters like you know, like defense, but I don't have enough hands to do that. So it is not about how much money you can make. It is about how much money you can protect until the markets actually correct themselves. Now remember, this oak is helps investors create well, and diversity helps investors preserve Well, I'm gonna say that again, focus helps investors create wealth, and diversity helps investors preserve well, then that's what we're doing now. We are preserving people's wealth as much as possible in these volatile markets, still things correct themselves. But I do want to leave you with some words of motivation, as there is diversity in the kingdom of God. So must there be diversity in investing? Have you ever seen a one sided pancake? Have you ever seen a one sided coin? Or have you even seen a one sided piece of bread?

You have it. This is not uncharted territory that we're seeing in the markets right now. Just as there is time for growth, there's time for protection. Your growth as an investor is going to be determined by your actions and tough times. If you give up and quit. It will be like Groundhog Day the movie I don't know if you ever seen that movie, but every time something bad happens, you keep repeating the cycle over and over and over again and you end up in the same place that you started.

Nowhere but if you're able to learn and grow during these tough times, then you can break the cycle and live in happiness. That is what these newsletters are all about helping you become the investor mentally that you need so you can prosper and be rewarded for your hard work. That's it for me from AB Ridgeway. Once again if this is your first time here on our newsletter and you are not subscribed, be sure to click the link below for more investment news and biblical principles. So you can learn how to be rich and righteous. Maybe rejoice. And I'll see you on the other side of your blessing is

created by AB Ridgeway owner of AB Ridgeway wealth management, a virtual and in person fee only advisor that believes that financial advice should have gotten in it. If you need help figuring out your finances, feel free to reach out to us at 337-414-3686 or visit our website at WWW dot ABR wealth and schedule a free consultation. new episodes are available every Friday so be sure to subscribe. You can also listen to our podcasts on your favorite platforms, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts and more or simply visit our website and join our family. I am a B Ridgeway and I'll see you You on the other side of your blessing Alajahwon. Ridgeway is an investment advisor representative and owner of AB Ridgeway Wealth Management LLC, a registered investment advisor which produces a podcast show and makes it available on his website and through other distribution channels. Elijah will rejoin any guests on the podcast providing their own views and opinions are not necessarily the views and opinions of AB Ridgeway wealth management that the man podcast should be construed as solicitation or offer or recommendation to buy or sell any Pacific security investment advisory services or only provides investors to become AB Ridgeway Wealth Management client pursuant to a written Investment Management Agreement. Clients of AB Ridgeway wealth management may hold positions and securities discussed in the podcast. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investments involve risk and may lose money. financial advisors say the darndest thing podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for any investment decisions. Instead, please consult a financial advisor, accountant attorney and or conduct your own due diligence

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