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Navigating Christian Nationalism: Understanding Its Impact on Faith and Society

Updated: Jun 15

Bishop Robert Barron speaking on God and the government

Show Notes:

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Financial Advisors Say the Darndest Things, where we equip you to prosper in spirit and action. Hosted by A.B. Ridgeway, this podcast dives deep into the complexities of Christian nationalism and its significance in today's world.

In this episode, A.B. Ridgeway unpacks the concept of Christian nationalism and its association with groups like the new apostolic reformation. Delving into the dynamics of power and influence, he sheds light on their presence in contemporary politics, particularly within circles close to former President Trump.

Christian nationalists believe in the divine origin of human rights, asserting that they stem from God rather than any earthly authority. However, misconceptions abound, leading to confusion and misinterpretation of their beliefs.

As A.B. Ridgeway underscores, the essence of Christianity lies in upholding fundamental principles like love, honesty, and respect for human dignity. These values, rooted in divine law, form the basis of our societal norms and moral compass.

The conversation extends to Bishop Barron's reflections on a recent political discourse, highlighting the dangers of forsaking the principle that our rights derive from God. Together, they emphasize the importance of maintaining faith-based perspectives in shaping our democracy.

Amidst growing hostility towards religion, A.B. Ridgeway urges listeners to stand firm in their beliefs and defend the foundations of their faith. From defending against misconceptions to advocating for religious freedom, he encourages active engagement in safeguarding Christian values.

Join the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Do you perceive Christian nationalism as a threat to religious freedom?

  • How can we navigate societal challenges while upholding our faith?

Let your voice be heard and continue the dialogue.

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Until next time, may you be blessed abundantly in all your endeavors.


  1. "In a world where ideologies clash, let our faith stand as a beacon of unwavering truth."

  2. "Our rights, rooted in divine providence, safeguard us against the whims of earthly powers."

  3. "Amidst the storm of opposition, let us unite in defense of our Christian values and the freedoms bestowed upon us by our Creator."


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