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Suze Orman Calls 4% Rule DANGEROUS for Retirement

Updated: Jun 24

Episode Summary: The primary fear of many Christian investors is running out of money in retirement. In this episode, Ridgeway explores the concept of the 4% retirement rule and its implications in today's economic climate, drawing insights from financial experts like Suze Orman.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The 4% Retirement Rule: Ridgeway explains the origin of the 4% retirement rule, coined by financial planner Bill Bengen, which suggests retirees can safely withdraw 4% of their retirement savings annually. However, recent critiques by experts like Suze Orman have labeled it as "very dangerous."

  2. Economic Volatility and Withdrawal Rates: Orman advises caution in relying solely on the 4% rule, advocating for lower withdrawal rates, especially in times of economic uncertainty. She emphasizes the importance of adjusting withdrawal rates based on individual circumstances and market conditions.

  3. Personalized Financial Planning: Ridgeway stresses the need for personalized financial planning, highlighting the significance of considering various sources of income, such as Social Security and annuities, alongside retirement savings. He encourages listeners to work with financial professionals to tailor their withdrawal strategies accordingly.

  4. Long-Term Financial Sustainability: Orman suggests that withdrawing the least amount possible from retirement accounts can lead to better long-term financial sustainability. This approach aligns with the idea of adjusting withdrawal rates to ensure financial security throughout retirement, especially amid economic fluctuations.

  5. Working with Professionals: Ridgeway emphasizes the value of seeking guidance from financial advisors to navigate retirement planning effectively. He underscores the importance of ongoing evaluation and adjustment of withdrawal strategies to adapt to changing financial landscapes.


  1. "Susie Orman calls the 4% retirement rule very dangerous. These are dog whistles for those who are preparing for retirement."

  2. "People love these hyperboles. I would never, I always, this is amazing. This is horrible. This is just trying to stir up emotions. It's not that serious."

  3. "Find the figure, find out what works for you, trial and error, year over year, work with a professional, simple."

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