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The Love of Money Is Our Downfall

Scripture: Matthew 5:6

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

What sacrifices have you made to in order to improve your finances? Do you seek righteousness on a daily basis as you do your food and drink? This scripture speaks to the promise that those who desire a proper lifestyle as much as they desire food, that they should never go hungry.

In today’s modern western world, it may not be top of mind that people would have a strong desire for food but let’s take ourselves out of it for a minute. We know that there are people around the world that struggle to find food on a daily basis and we have the luxury of 24 hour access. Now this is not to make you feel privileged or shame you, but to let you know the power this statement makes. There are people willing to die, trying to find food and water for their family. They have an unwavering passion and dedication to providing sustenance for their family.

Here, God is letting us know that if we seek righteousness with as much passion and dedication as people in those days, that we will be filled. He will provide for us, and not just monetarily but spiritually.

In finances, there are no guarantees. But in the spirit of the Lord there are. So how can we tie this in with our finances? Warren Buffet had a great quote, "It is not greed that drives the world, but envy" People don’t want more, just for the sake of having more, they do it because they see someone else with it. They do it because someone persuaded them that what they had was not enough, they do it because they feel isolated from the group. Remember, we are social creatures, and many years ago, if you separated from the group, that was almost a death wish to fight the elements on your own.

So we have a natural tendency to mimic and mirror those we see as “successful” because that meant survival. But that doesn’t apply too much today.

God wants us to thirst and hunger for righteousness and not monetary gain. Yet, you can acquire money to fund those acts of righteousness as long as the greatest good is the end result. I don’t think God would be upset if you wanted to gain an extra 2-3% because you wanted to fund a local church event, later this year. Or if you put in your goals to retire with an extra $50,000 in 7 years so you can open that shelter you always dreamed of.

So today, I want you to ask yourself, “What do you hunger and thirst for?” Is it to be accepted by your friends, or to do God’s will? Are you making sacrifices for your own self interest, or are you trying to expand God’s kingdom? Today, when you go out, I want you to seek to do the most righteousness acts... as hard as you are seeking your next meal.

Prayer: Lord, I hunger for righteousness. I will prepare my mind and heart to do the things that are pleasing to your sight. You give and you take away; you humble and you exalt. May you show mercy on me as I seek fulfillment in my daily acts of righteousness.


Thank you for reading!

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