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Candace Owens Speaks on Christian Nationalism and Financial Resilience in a Divided World

Show Notes:

Join host Ridgeway on "Financial Advisors Say the Darndest Things," the go-to Christian finance podcast, as he delves into the controversial topic of Christian nationalism and its implications for believers. In this episode, Ridgeway addresses the recent attacks on public figures like Candace Owens who is a black conservative and Justin Bieber, highlighting the intersection of faith, culture, and finance.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Unpacking Christian Nationalism: Ridgway begins by dissecting the notion of Christian nationalism, which has sparked debates and controversies across media platforms. He explores how this term has been weaponized and misrepresented, leading to misunderstandings about the intersection of faith and patriotism.

  2. The Hollywood Spin: Ridgway sheds light on Hollywood's role in shaping public perception of Christianity, citing examples of documentaries like "God and Country" directed by Rob Reiner. He emphasizes the importance of discernment in navigating mainstream narratives that often demonize Christian beliefs.

  3. Financial Resilience Amidst Censorship: Against the backdrop of platform censorship and demonetization faced by figures like Candace Owens, Ridgeway encourages listeners to prioritize spiritual wealth over financial gain. He emphasizes the power of faith in overcoming adversities and staying true to one's convictions.

  4. Renewing Faith and Strengthening Prayers: Ridgeway urges Christians to reclaim their identity and heritage by deepening their understanding of biblical principles. He advocates for a proactive approach to spiritual growth, emphasizing the need to resist cultural pressures and stand firm in one's faith.


  1. "But to use Christian nationalist as a derogatory term is just sickening."

  2. "Suddenly Christianity is being smeared and libeled and attacked, and they are trying to make it synonymous with white supremacy."

  3. "Don't be ashamed of who you are and what you believe because they are coming for you."

Closing Thoughts:

As the episode concludes, Ridgeway reaffirms the importance of unity and resilience within the Christian community. Despite facing external pressures and attacks, he encourages listeners to remain steadfast in their beliefs and trust in God's provision. Join Ridgeway on this journey of faith, finance, and fortitude as we navigate the challenges of the modern world.


  • Christian finance podcast

  • Christian nationalism

  • Financial resilience

  • Hollywood propaganda

  • Platform censorship

  • Faith and patriotism

  • Spiritual wealth

  • Biblical principles

  • Cultural pressures

  • Christian identity

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