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About A.B. Ridgeway

A motivational keynote speaker, in the field of tithing, finance, and entrepreneurship. With a decade in the financial industry, a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, and owner of his own investment firm. When he is on stage, he creates a safe, non-judgmental space for Christians and people of faith to speak freely about God and Money.


Nicknamed "Mr. Christian Finance" by his 20,000 podcast listeners who are inspired to live a life of prosperity and faith as he teaches them to declutter their personal finances by combining traditional financial principles with the Word of God.

He is married with four children and is dedicated to using the Bible as a guide to help people find their own path towards riches and righteousness while leaving a legacy of stewarding God's wealth to the next generation.

From an unemployed college graduate, to a thought leader in the Finance industry, he knows, that no matter where you are in life, God isn't done with you yet.

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Discussion Topics:

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God is NOT a niche

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Rich and Righteous

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Gifting in the name of God


Leading With God

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Tithing: The Chameleon of the Christian Faith


2.38 billion people in the world practice some form of Christianity. It is time to stop hiding our faith behind our professions. As owner of his own Christian Investment firm, A.B. Ridgeway is not shy about letting people know he is a believer. In this talk, he shares his story how he went from silently working at one of the largest brokerage firms in the world, to openly expressing his love of the Lord in an industry that many consider soulless.


When the topic of philanthropic giving arises, a majority of Christians are okay discussing the "why" of giving. As a Financial Planner, A.B. Ridgeway is an expert on the "how" of giving. But there is a gap that needs to be bridged between why and how, which is the "where". 

A.B. Ridgeway discusses 10 categories that Christians can give where it doesn't feel like traditional tithing.


From misquotes of 1 Timothy that "money is the root of all evil" to the societal condemnation of wealth, where believers think poverty equals piety is all wrong! A.B. Ridgeway explores the second most mentioned topic, "money" and how you can build generational wealth and still align your life with the Word of God.


We all have been in an uncomfortable position of trying to share the gospel at our job, our communities, and even in our own families. A.B. Ridgeway teaches the "Mirror and Lead" technique that will help you build strong relationships with your peers, and open the opportunity to share God's Word in a non-intrusive manner, where people will leave excited to hear more.

Tithing: The Chameleon of the Christian Faith

Every Sunday you quote Malachi 3:10 right before you take up tithes and offering.  But the church budget is getting thinner and thinner. Unfortunately, this scripture is all most congregations know about tithing. Pastors and members agree that tithing can take on many forms, but disagree on what that form is.


In this program, A.B. Ridgeway teaches you 3 steps you can take to turn casually believers into tithing Titans.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to establish a cohesive definition of tithing that the whole congregation can align with

  • How to shift accountability back to the hearts of the believers and empower them to do God’s work, instead of just giving God money and,

  • How to increase giving inside and outside of the church through technology

In the News

A.B. Ridgeway has been featured in some of the top news outlet as a thought leader in Personal Finance

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A.B. Ridgeway Wealth Management Alajahwon Ridgeway Wealth Management News Article
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