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How To Pray To God For Financial Help

Scripture: Psalms 116:5

Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; yea, our God is Merciful

Devotion: God heard my cry! Don’t we all just want to be heard when we are in pain? When life feels overwhelming? Wouldn’t you like to have just someone to listen?

Well, I have good news for you because God is that listening ear. God is that mercy that will relieve you of that pain. In this scripture, God speaks of the trials and tribulations that we all must go through in life. That it is only by our gracious God and his mercy that we will be saved.

This verse is one of praise, worship, and gratitude. But when your finances are in trouble, what do you do? Most of us hide, we become silent…we are ashamed and try to hide our hands from our loved ones. But this verse lets us know that when we need help to cry out to the Lord and ask him to deliver us THROUGH this situation.

Whether it is a large amount of debt, a lost business contract, fluctuations in the market, a large home improvement bill, or even a bad business deal. It is okay.

God knows the difference between someone who is truly crying for help, and those who are crying for a handout.

He knows the difference between those who are looking for solutions and those who are looking for a quick fix.

God is not a quick fix, God is a solution.

And when you find yourself in trouble with your finances, make sure you speak up and seek counsel. Cry out to God and he will send someone for you, it may not be me, but maybe God is using me, right now, to push you in the right direction. Maybe you have some questions about your finances that you need answers to.

Open your heart and start searching because God is a merciful God, he doesn’t want to see you suffer.

Prayer: Lord, please open my heart, eyes, and ears, to receive your guidance. I need you in my life right now to help me through these financial decisions. I trust in and know you will not lead me astray.


Thank you for reading!

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