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Tithing in Secret: How to give according to the Bible

Scripture: Matthew 6:4- That thine alms (giving) may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

Devotion: Are you struggling with your new found wealth? Are you confused if you should tell the world how wonderful God has been to you financially?

Is it appropriate to show the world how great giving can be?

In this chapter we hear Matthew frustrated with how people are going about doing these practices of the church. In verses 1-4 he is condemning the practice of announcing your giving to the less fortunate. Something we see on YouTube quite often. The intention is to show people that giving is good, but we forget the perspective of the person in need.

Maybe it is embarrassing to know that they are in need. And the one who gives is maybe just looking for a kudos.

So Matthew says, if you are going to give, you do not need to be as loud a trumpet like the hypocrites in the synagogues do, so they may have glory of men. But to do it in secret, don’t worry, God sees you and will reward you.

It is the act, and not who sees the act that is important. He goes on and speak about how to fast, how to pray…and not to just RAMBLE in long repetitions, so people think that you can pray well.

God knows what is on your heart. He even encourages to pray away from others and keep it simple.

The same thing with our finances. We don’t need to boast on social media with a "look at me I made $50,000 on this, or I donated $100,000 here" tone.

If you look at the statistics, a lot of wealthy investors give anonymously. Now, let me break that down why....

1) they do want the tax benefits

2) they don’t want their name out there and others ask them for money and

3) Safety.

So in my business, client privacy is crucial. But we all should strive to align our giving behaviors with the word of God.

I don’t encourage people to discuss their returns in their investments.

Because it can cause envy and someone may take on additional risk that they are not prepared to take trying to keep up.

For example, with this cryptocurrency. We are hearing an adoption of this currency but the investors who has $3MM in a balanced portfolio and buys $100,000, is different than a person who has $30,000 in debt and buys $3,000 worth of crypto in hopes of becoming a millionaire.

In this scripture, God is telling us that we should keep our good deeds private because God will talk for you.

Did you catch that? I

If you do the work privately, GOD will do the boasting for you!

It reads in verse 6, but thou, when thou prayest enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in SECRET, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee OPENLY.

We all want to be happy with what we have accomplished. But make sure it is not just for the glory of men but from a place of love, affection, and praising of God.

Prayer: Lord, may you keep my words short and full of substance. You know my heart and as I continue to do your work, I will allow you to show the world how wonderful being a person of faith can be by the blessings you allow me to experience.


Thank you for reading!

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