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Assistant Living: The Vincent- A New Perspective Life In Retirement

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

We were blessed to visit #TheVincent by Abby Senior Living facility in Lafayette. I want to thank #JeremyBroussard, #MatthewLong and supporting staff for a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and the tour around the care facility. With this new information, we can set better expectations, and offer more options to the families we serve. They let us know that assistant living is still a lifestyle full of trips, fellowship opportunities, and fun activities in the community. And if you thought you had to have medical assistance to live here, like me, you are mistaken. There are chances for truly independent living if you or the one you love, just wants to be around their peers. So don't let stereotypes and biases stop you from finding a great place to live in your 3rd stage in life. Part of your planning process should be around long term care, and that means getting an understanding of where you will live. #abrwm #assistantliving #retirement

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